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A disc filter is a continuously operating rotary filter. It consists of several vertical discs clamped on a hollow central shaft. Each disc is made up of several pie-shaped sections. Disc filters operate as vacuum filters. Because a pressure differential is applied across both disc faces, the effective filter area of a disc filter is much greater than that of a drum filter requiring the same floor space.

Working principle

• It consists of a stack of discs.

• Water enters the filter chamber on the outside of the discs.  The water then flows through the disc pack between the interlocked serrations of the discs.  After flowing through the serrations the water then flows through the hollow center of the discs and out to the field

• Back wash is accomplished by reversing water flow.  When flow is reversed, water enters into the hollow area of the disc stack causing the stack of discs to lengthen and discs separate from one another. Water then freely flows outward pushing all dirt caught between the discs to a dump line.  Additionally, water is sprayed through nozzles inside the disc stack aimed outwards causing the discs to spin and rub against each other further cleaning the discs.

• The separation of the discs and the spinning action is the secret of the disc filter.  This method of flushing is almost instantaneous requiring only a few seconds to fully clean the dirt off the discs.  No other filtration system can equal the speed and thoroughness of the disc filter back wash


Product Features

• Depth of filtration for increased filtration efficiency ‎

• Pressure differential disc compression

• Captures and retains significant amount of solids ‎

• Completely corrosion resistant ‎

• Diverse filtration grades: 40 -140 mesh‎

• High capacity up to 100 t/

• Small footprint

• Provides more filtration area

• Modular design offers flexibility and expandability of unit.

• Convenient efficient cleaning and easy to maintain

• Stainless steel tank or stainless steel tank frame designs.