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In ore dressing, log washer is primarily used for the stripping of manganese and ferrous ores of their clay impurities. Stripping ores of this type of their argillaceous adhesions results in an appreciable enrichment of the precious metal content, so that, in the majority of cases, the products cleansed in the log washer are of ample industrial standard quality purity, easily disposable without further dressing. The log washer is more often used in the treatment of stone and earth, the plant used for producing bright road ballast for construction, as well as for foundation consolidation in the Building industry, it is also widely used for cleaning limestone, for subsequent kilning, or for chemical processing. The log washer is used for medium size lump material of a granular range between 0 and 60 mm

Type : Duplex (Twin Shaft)
Dia. of Log (mm) : 1200 mm (each)
Length of Log (mm) : 6000 mm (each)
Height : 2280 mm
Throughput : 125 tph (nominal), 150 tph (max)
Power 2 X 37.5 kW