MBE Coal & Mineral Technology MBE

MBE CMTI centrifugal pumps, model ROPU, have been designed to handle mixture of solids and liquids. They are suitable for handling mechanically abrasive and chemically aggressive media.

MBE CMTI centrifugal pumps. Model ROPU, are used by numerous industries, e.g. Coal and Ore mining, Cement and Glass factories, Sand and gravel quarries, building industries, Fertilizer and salt recovery plants, Metallurgical plants, Chemical industry, Refuse incinerator plant and similar industries which handle coarse-grained, abrasive or aggressive mixtures of solid and liquids.

ROPU® centrifugal pumps are single staged pumps with single axial inlet, tangential outlet and closed impeller arranged in an overhung position with back blades to relieve the stuffing box.

Salient features of the ROPU pump :

• Available in Mechanical as well as water sealing.

• High impeller diameter and Low RPM for same Discharge and Head to prevent wear.

• Provided with back impeller blades to relieve Gland seal.

• High Efficiency.

• Head upto 100 M

• Discharge upto 5000 Cu.M/Hr.

The volute casing and the two liner walls are clamped and connected by thread bolts thus permitting easy replacement of wearing parts. The two liner plates are identical so that they are easily interchanged if subject to regular wear.

The internally threaded impeller is screwed onto the mating thread of the shaft.

After wear of the liner or impeller respectively, the intake side between the impeller and the side wall may be adjusted by thrust or tension bolts respectively, in the bearing cap and in the bearing insert.

The pump sis provided with high quality packing. The split gland and the detachable stuffing box housing permit ample access to the gland for easy replacement of the packing rings. To cope with the specific operating conditions, the stuffing box has been designed with optional fresh water flushing, fresh water sealing or grease sealing.

The pump may be alternatively be equipped with stuffing box packing or mechanical seal.

The hydrodynamic section of the pump is carried by a bearing block of welded construction which has been designed to also provide the base plate and thus the pump may be placed directly on the foundation.

The radial and axial forces transferred by the impeller to the shaft are absorbed by a Cylindrical Roller Bearing and a pair of grooved ball bearings which transfer them to the bearing block. The housing of the anti-friction bearings is filled with oil to the indicator level. The large volume of oil ensures high heat dissipation resulting in long service life of the bearings.