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Sieve Bends are static screens that can be used for very fine wet screening operations. The Sieve Bend has a curved screen composed of horizontal wedge bars. These are used for either dewatering or classification. Slurry flows by gravity over an inclined screen surface. Screen wires, which are perpendicular to flow, slice away a layer of slurry. The wires can be as narrow as 50 µm and up in 25 µm increments. This creates a sieve, which presents more edges to the flow for superior separation efficiency. The dewatering capability of the screen is determined by the percent of open area.

Design Features

  • Energy efficient operation with no moving parts and no energy input
  • Quiet operation with no mechanical or electrical vibrations
  • Made at any slot size ranging from 0.2mm to 20mm
  • Can be used for sizing solid particles down to 0.2mm (0.008″)
  • Profile wire screen resists clogging by near-size particles
  • Stainless steel construction ensures a long, corrosion-free installation
  • Gravity Feed, 60° Slope
  • Adjustable Flow Weir
  • High Capacity
  • Low Space Requirement