MBE Coal & Mineral Technology MBE


MBE’s hydrocyclones have found a wide field of application in field of mineral processing plants and other processing plants around the world. These hydrocyclones are suited for varied application like desliming, degritting, thickening, et al.

MBE design include hydrocyclone from 160mm diameter to 500mm diameters with volumetric feed rate ranging from 40m3/hr to 160 m3/hr. Depending upon application these hydrocyclones can be lined with different materials like ceramic, Ni- hard etc.

Different diameter spigots are also available for these cyclones.

Depending upon the product size requirement, the underflow and overflow nozzles are selected to achieve the perfect product sizes in combination with the feed pressure to the inlet of the Cyclone.

The MBECMTI Hydrocyclones are provided with 3 different sizes of underflow nozzles alongwith he machine to the Client for them to achieve the desired results.

These hydrocyclones are being used extensively for size separation and thickening of fine coal slurry.