MBE Coal & Mineral Technology MBE

This propriety machine of MBE caters to all kinds of coal, minerals etc. of varying coarse, medium and fine sizes. BATAC® jigs are underpulsated which effects in higher separation efficiencies than BAUM jigs and higher throughput rates than BAUM alongwith lesser footprint and lesser corner effect.

Salient features of BATAC® Jig include:

• A centre air chamber for each compartment for stable operation and uniform stroke distribution

• Permanent and adjustable air pockets guarantying fast and hassle free startup

• PLC based jig controllers

• Independent working discharge devices with separate hydraulic systems which ensures optimal product qualities over the entire jig bed even when feed distribution is non-uniform

• Ultrasonic sensor technology for highest discharge precision

• Highest throughput rates available in the market

• Technologically superior pulse generators

BATAC® Jig features 8.0 m 6.0 m
Maximum Jig bed width 960 tph (for coarse) 500 tph (for coarse)
Maximum throughput 850 tph (for fine) 450 tph (for fine)
Size Range 150 – 10 mm (for coarse)
10/12 – 0.5 mm (for fine)
45 – 6 mm (for coarse)
10 - 0.315mm (for fine)

The main features of a Batac® Jig are:

• Water Only Process

• Operating cut points from 1.3 to 7.85

• High Throughput Rates

• Lump Ores : 75 – 90 tph/m jig width

• Fine Ores : 68 – 78 tph/m jig width

• Compact Design, up to 7m in width

• 1 or 2 cut points in one machine possible

• Handle up to 20% feed and water variations

• Can be stopped instantaneously and restarted immediately

• Adjustments done from the control room for all Jig functions

• Inter – Operable with all established process automation system

• No mechanical adjustments on jig drive required