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TESKA : Heavy Media Bath

The TESKA® separator is heavy medium separator used for coal of +6mm size with capacities upto 800 tph. A very special feature of the machine is the large bath width related to size of the machine. The TESKA® can be supplied with bucket wheel diameters upto 6500mm, bucket widths upto 1500mm and bath widths upto 3000mm. Feed sizes upto 1200mm edge length can be processed in this machine. If magnetite is used as the heavy medium then TESKA® separator will allow the use of medium densities upto 2.3 g/cm3.

Salient features of TESKA®:

• The sliding pneumatically fitted sealing mounted between rotary bucket wheel and stationary inlet and outlet sections of the separating compartment prevents the escape pf slurry into tires and drive elements.

• TESKA® separator is easily accessible

• Chute for sinks can be positioned at the right/ left thus making it layout friendly

• Adjustable nozzles arranged over the bucket wheel circumference induce a downward flow of dense media thus preventing an undesired density concentration towards the bottom of the separator. This feature also helps in keeping different layers of medium with uniform density

• Optimal bath utilization relative to separators volume

• Ceramic lined hence subject to less wear