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ROMJIG specifically developed for treating ROM coal for deshaling purposes. Earlier jigs were incapable of deshaling without crushing the ROM coal to a size less than 150 mm which incurred extra costs. But with the development and introduction of the ROMJIG this limitation was done away with and ROM coal with sizes upto 400 mm could be directly Deshaled with this machine without crushing. This method also thus helps in protecting the subsequent comminution system. This machine is a movable bed screen with excellent separation efficiencies and robust design. It is highlighted by advantages such as absence of hutch water clarification, low water and energy demands and small number of ancillary equipments. Therefore, it outrivals any other method of mechanical refuse separation.

ROMJIGĀ® Jig features
Maximum Jig bed width 2.0 m
Maximum throughput 400 tph
Size Range (mm) 30-400
Specific Water Consumption 0.03m3/ton
Specific Energy Consumption 0.2 kWh/ton
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