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The need for fine grinding and producing a uniformly sized grounded product is increasing continuously as the mineral ores are getting leaner and leaner by the day. MBE’s PALLA® mill has proved to be very efficient grinding equipment with applicability in more than 160 different types of materials and obtaining the required product size and distribution. PALLA® is a vibratory grinding mill which produces the required grain sizes in a simple continuous grinding process without any requirement of classification. Even ultrafine grinding can be achieved with his machine.

Salient features of PALLA:

• Both dry and wet grinding

• Different option of grinding cylinder connection

•Both continuous and discontinuous grinding possible

• Dust- tight

• Grinding at cryogenic temperatures

• High filling degree of grinding cylinders possible

• Low footprint

• Uniform product size distribution

• Low specific energy consumption

Type Dia (mm) Length (mm) Throughput (kg/h) Power Dry (kw) Power Wet (kw)
VM 200 300/600 0.1 – 150 1.9 -
20U 200 1249 20 – 500 5.5 -
35U 350 2306 50 – 3000 22 -
50U 500 3400 200 – 10000 75 90